Sad news

I’m about to cry. The Whimsy Dragon I was so eager to use? Gone. I lost the code. Now I can’t use my favorite Webkinz, the one I’ve been waiting for so long for. 😦

If you have any ideas on how to find it or something, please comment.

UPDATE! I have an idea to find it! I’m happier now! I’ll tell you guys if I find it. Wish me luck!


It’s true! Webkinz arrive first in Limited Too and are soon shipped to stores like Hallmark’s after, and I bought a Whimsy Dragon in Limited Too yesterday! I’ve wanted a Whimsy Dragon ever since they came out, and now I finally have one. I’m so happy! But there’s one problem:

What should I name it? Here are my ideas so far:



If you have any more ideas or want to tell me which name you like better, please tell me in a comment. I will record all your answers above.

And the good news for me:

I got straight A’s in my progress report yesterday! YAHOO!!!

Sorry if talking about me bothers you, but I can’t contain my excitement.



And follow this link if you want to chat with famous people or me:


I’m not sure if they’re posers but they seem real.

Have a great day today and every day!

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Well it’s me HK123! I haven’t posted in a long time bcuz I’m sooooo busy with schoolwork. It’s the weekend and I still have homework left to do! Just wanted to remind you to enter WR10124’s contest below this post, and time for another story!

Diary of a Webkinz


It’s another day in the barn. My ‘lil brother asked me to take him to the WShop today. I couldn’t because I needed to do my chores, and I’m going to Smokey’s house this afternoon. She’s having a big party for no reason. Sometimes I wonder why she does the things she does.



More will be added later. It’s kinda boring now, but it’ll get better!

Well, a few posts down, HK123 mentioned she would have a contest when she got to 5,000 hits. So I’ve decided to be helpful and have a contest, hosted by me! All prizes are supplied by me. There are contests for all different types of people. Creative, graphics, and even more! Here are the 3 contests I will be holding: (donation are appreciated)

1: Make a Paramore collage for my page on this site, AND for my new proboard! Here are some simple guidelines you should follow:

  • the dimensions should be 736×229
  • must have all recording band members, and tour members if you wish
  • should have something to do with riot and all we know is falling
  • song lyrics would be cool to add (just little excerpts, such as “please speak softly, for they will hear us” compared to the whole 1st verse)
  • accentable backgrounds are gradient, skelanimals, black and red plaid, or the riot background
  • must say “Paradorer” on the top in any font from http://www.wantedfonts.com
  • please have the background visible on t leats one part
  • pictures from music videos or just pictures you find online are fine (nothing with writing or designs already on it, unless it is a CD design

Those are the guidelines. Here is the 2nd contest:

Make a pet! You may have seen this on my old site, so the same rules apply. Here they are:

  • must be 2-4 pets
  • must say what pets used and for what body parts
  • will be judged on a scale from points 1-10, based on creativity, originality, and suitable name
  • must have a name that us suitable

The prizes will be revealed when we have at least 1 entry for each contest! Harrykinz123, you can enter!

***Note on 2nd contest: your entry will NOT be judged on how good it looks! Some people are better at graphics than others, so please keep that in mind. Failure to cooperate with any of the following rules will lead to non contest entering. Here are rules:

  1. No swearing.
  2. No thinking high of yourself. Ex. Omg I am so going to win mine is so much better than all of yours!!!!
  3. Play fair! Don’t use 2 different accounts that belong to you just to have a better chance of winning!
  4. If you have cussed or said anything foul on this site before, you may not enter.

Sorry if they seem a bit strict!! Have fun!

Thanks all of you for helping boost hayykinz123 up to 3,000 hits! We couldn’t have gotten here without all of you! This blog would be nothing, NOTHING! without all these great supporters. To get to 4,000, we’ll need all the visitors and comments we can get! We’re gunna need all of you to help make it there! We can do it!

Thank you everyone again! What an accomplishment!!!!!

♥ the HK123 staff team, plus all of our pets!!!